The Royal Irish Regiment

General Sir John Mordaunt KB

This is one of at least two paintings of Sir John Mordaunt by Allan Ramsay, this one being exhibited in 1740. It hangs in Bodrhyddan Hall in Dyserth, Cornwall. Mordaunt was Colonel of 5 regiments in all, one of which he raised, the 47th Foot.

47th Regiment of Foot 15th Jan 1741 - 12th Mar 1743
18th Royal Regiment of Foot 18th Dec 1742 - 21st Dec 1747
12th Dragoons (later Lancers) 22nd Dec 1747 - 23rd July 1749
7th Dragoon Guards 24th July 1749 - 31st Oct 1749
10th Dragoons (later Hussars) 1st Nov 1749 - 1st Nov 1780

He was also a Member of Parliament for nearly 40 years:

Pontefract 1730-1734
Whitchurch 1735-1741
Cockermouth 1741-1768

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by Stephen Luscombe