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This section is designed to help those students and pupils who have assignments related to the British Empire or of Imperialism. Obviously, I do not want to do the assignments or research myself - that is your job! A word of warning on researching on the Internet, students should not get into the habit of copying and pasting with abandon (and with a lack of citation). First of all, copying and pasting is very easily discovered by your teacher - all they need to do is to take a sentence from your essay and put it into a search engine! Secondly, it is always obvious which words are yours and which words are not. And of course, you learn very little from an assignment if you put this minimal amount of effort into it. Having said all that - it is perfectly natural and acceptable for you to seek help and guidance and to do background research and note taking on the topic assigned. It is for this reason that I hope to add a number of brainstorm boards to help out students with common imperial related essay titles. You can also ask for specific help on the discussion boards which actually has a forum for asking coursework and homework questions. The brainstorm boards are designed to help students with their note taking and to act as a springboard for further research. They are in no way definitive and they are not laid out in any particular order. Use, ignore, add to, challenge the information provided as you see fit. They are really just to get you started and to provide some kind of focus for your research. At the bottom of the page you will find some title suggestions for books designed for students of British imperial history. I've also added a historiography section in the Library section for those who want to keep abreast of various theories and the writings of historians.

I have also added How the Empire has been taught in British Schools which tracks the way that 'Empire' and 'Imperial Themes' have been taught in British schools over the last two centuries and explains how we have arrived at today's political and educational attitudes to the subject.

British Empire in Asia
This is a powerpoint that explains British contact and imperial development in Asia in the 18th and 19th Centuries. It was designed to go with the French OIB in History. This French Baccalaureate presentation is approximately A-Level standard but with a few references to the French Empire too.
British Empire in Africa
This is a powerpoint that examines Britain's imperial experience in the Dark Continent of Africa. It was designed to go with the French OIB in History. This French Baccalaureate presentation is approximately A-Level standard but with quite a few references to the French Empire too.
Twentieth Century and Decolonisation
This is a powerpoint that examines the colonial expansion of the first half of the century and the role of colonies if the First and Second World Wars. It then goes on to examine the de-colonising process in the latter half of the twentieth century. It was designed to go with the French OIB in History. This French Baccalaureate presentation is approximately A-Level standard but with quite a few references to the French Empire too.
1914 World Colonies Map Outline
A handout or worksheet for students to show the state of British and European empires in 1914
Scramble for Africa
A handout or worksheet for students to show the state of Africa by the end of the Scramble of Africa in 1914.

Brainstorm Boards
Reasons for Rise of Empire
Benefits of Empire
Reasons for Fall of Empire
Costs of Empire
How the Empire has been taught in British Schools

Historiography of the British Empire

British India 1900-47: Active Studies

Dr Robert Carr provides an overview of the first half of the twentieth century as India moved towards its independence. In addition to the narrative explanations, the book also includes activities and tasks for students to complete and check understanding.

The British Empire, 1815-1914

This Access to History book is designed for A-level and First Year Undergraduate students. As well as providing a wider context for imperialism, it also discusses the areas of controversy.


British Imperialism 1750-1970

This Cambridge Perspectives in History book provides an excellent introductory overview for the A-Level student.


Teach yourself about the British Empire

This book by Michael Lynch provides an interesting and easy to access set of facts about all the most important facets of Imperial History. It provides a good overview.


End of Empires: European Decolonisation 1919 - 1980

Another Access to History book, this looks at the twentieth century decolonisation process. It looks at the entire decolonisation process of all European powers - not just Britain.


Decolonisation: The British Experience Since 1945

This is a seminar studies book which looks at post-war decolonisation. It examines decolonisation from three main perspectives: the shifting emphases of British imperial policy; the rise of populist, colonial nationalism, and the international political, strategic, and economic environment dominated by the USA and the USSR.


Heinemann Advanced History: British Imperial & Foreign Policy 1846-1980

Designed for A-level students, this gives a good overview and provides sample questions.


British Foreign and Imperial Policy, 1865-1919 (Questions and Analysis in History)

British Foreign and Imperial Policy explores Britains role in International Affairs from the age of Gladstone and Disraeli to the end of the First World War, exploring such themes as Britain's involvement in the Scramble for Africa, the Anglo-Boer War, the foreign policy of Lord Salisbury and the prospects for Britain and the Empire at the end of the First World War.


The End of the British Empire: The Historical Debate (Making Contemporary Britain)

A very concise and thoughtful analysis that examines how the debate has evolved over time.


OCR A Level History B: Different Interpretations of British Imperialism 1850-1950

The A-levels in Britain keep changing! This is the latest version of the OCR syllabus for A2.


The Rise & Fall of the British Empire Student's Book [Paperback]

This is a text book aimed at British Key Stage 3 students (11 to 14 or years 7 to 9).

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