HMS Comus

Class Comus-class
Sister ShipsCuracoa, Champion, Cleopatra, Carysfort, Conquest, Constance, Canada, Cordelia
Propulsion2 engines of 2,590 ihp driving single screw
Armament2 x 7-inch muzzle-loading rifles
4 x BL 6-inch 80-pounder guns
8 x 64-pdr muzzle-loading rifles
2 x light guns
8 x QF Nordenfelt guns
2 x torpedo carriages
BuiltGlasgow, 1878
Speed15 Knots
FateSold 1904
NotesComus was a single-screw corvette designed for distant cruising service for the British Empire. Built with iron frames and steel plating, she was sheathed with wood and coppered.

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by Stephen Luscombe