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The period of the British Empire coincided with a remarkable flourishing of European art and culture. Britain would make its own contributions to European cultural life but it would also, through the existence of the Empire, be shaped by unique Imperial and native influences and would, in turn, disseminate its art and culture to the far flung corners of the world.

This section tries to point out the influences of and from the Empire. The remit of Art and Culture can be a very wide one indeed: Including architecture, language, ideas, sculpture, poetry, music and literature. All these facets of daily life were woven deeply into the fabric of Imperial life and would be shuttled across the vast expanses of the Empire to, what could be, the unlikeliest of destinations.

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Art and Empire
Art & Empire

This is a series of articles detailing the development of artistic expression throughout the empire.
by Professor John M. Mackenzie
Art Galleries
Art Galleries

Here are some examples of art from or about the empire. The galleries are divided by artist or by subject matter.
Art Galleries
Company Art Painting

East India Company mementoes of their time in India and in Hong Kong

Follow the changes and fads in fashion through the imperial era.

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