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An original sketch by the author showing the procession of carriers: A. R.G.L. and shotgun
B. Judy
C. Joyce in large hat
D. Pinder and attache case and hen (live)
E. Usman (small boy) with bed
roll and shooting stick
F. Galadiman Daji
G. Forest Guard
H. Galadima's boy and camera
J. Bush oven and kerosene
K. Primus stove box and laundry basket
L. First bedding bag
M. Box of books and papers
N. Snail food box, drawingboard, medicine bag
P. Planks, deckchairs, spade, surveying poles
Q. Food box
R. Kitchen box (pans, filter, water bottles)
S. Second bedding bag
T. Plates & kitchen utensils
U. Food box
V. Suitcase and grip
W. Vegetable basket
X. Lamp box
Y. Flasks in knapsack, rifle
Z. Guide, with bow and quiver

Trekking in Northern Nigeria Article


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