Faith and Family

Annex B

Caldwell's successful plea in 1885 to the SPG for tolerance in dealing with a quick-tempered but valuable missionary headmaster of Caldwell College who they were intent on dismissing:-

"God has made all things for Himself, and a temperament like Mr Sharrock has doubtless its place in God's plan and its uses. If God gives his work the seal of His approbation in the way He appears to me to be doing, the Society cannot, I think, greatly err in following that same example. It may retain and express its disapproval of combativeness and its preference for the meek and quiet virtues; but it may also perhaps bring itself to bear a little more patiently with a man who takes for his motto, as I fancy our friend does, the last verse of the 144th Psalm. 'Blessed be the Lord my Rock who teacheth my hands to war and my fingers to fight'. I am a man of peace myself, but in this world of conflict I feel sometimes obliged to tolerate war".

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