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Annex D

Extract from a letter from Rev AC Taylor, long-standing member of the MDC (SPG), written in April 1888 to Rev Tucker, Secretary of the SPG in London. This was a scurrilous piece of vindictiveness quoting gossip 'which we all know to be facts' based on an old Shanar petition against Caldwell which had been repudiated three years earlier:-

"...Even now I do not know whether my words will be of any help, but it is really unjust to us who have as deep interest in mission work as any Archbishop or priest to be condemned on an ex parte statement of witnesses like Mr Reichardt, Mr Wyatt, Sharrock's brother or even Dr Pope who has left the Mission Field for about 20 years." "The MDC are preparing a statement to you in reply to the Archbishop's letter, but it is difficult in an official document to show the Standing Committee all the difficulties and facts which beset our dealings with Bishop Caldwell and Mr Sharrock. The Bishop has lately been writing reminiscences to the Madras Mail in which he always takes occasion to say something against the MDC and to imply want of consideration for him... Mr Cree quite ignores this attitude in his recent letter to the Guardian and we can't officially state what we all know to be facts - viz. that Mrs Caldwell rules Tinnevelly ecclesiastical affairs, personally canvassed for the return of Mr Sharrock as Secretary of the Tinnevelly Provincial Church Council and berates the clergy soundly who do not vote as Bishop C wishes...."

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