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Magistrate's Court, Rhodesia

Doug Palframan writes: "the right hand section is the Magistrates Court offices and Clerks of Court offices and the left hand section is the District Administrator's offices (I used to be the DC in that far-away time when logic still prevailed.) I occupied the top right hand office in 1980 as Provincial Magistrate and I enjoyed many a cold Lion Lager on the balcony which juts out and overlooks the holding cells on the extreme right. Fortunately I was out of view of the inmates, who I liked to think regarded me as a fair Judge, of temperate habits and moderate taste (in other words a typical Umtali Boy) until I found out that my nickname in the cells was "Ma Penga". Not quite sure why. I was the only one with a key to the clock tower and I made use of this privilege whenever a visiting dignitary arrived and once or twice when I was in soporific mode."

Image Courtesy of Rhodesia Remembered

Serving in the Public Sector in Central Africa from 1959 to 1987 Article

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