What Mr Sanders Really Did

Written by Veronica Bellers

Table of Contents

"A scenic heaven which man had made a hell"
Blues, Natives, Hawks and Rhadegunds
Dipping Through The Tropics
New Boy At The Office
The Kedong Massacre
Not Fair Dealings
Baby Taylor's Mosquito
"What Does a DC Do?"
"The Position Isn't Easy Or Comfortable"
Bucketing Along At The Office
"A Man Who Makes No Mistakes Does Not Usually Make Anything"
"The Best Years Give of his Life in this God-Damned Spot."
Comrades in Arms
A Story of Courage
Transplanting English Law to Far Off Lands
"Sing a Song of Prices"
Tax Collecting
"A Very Gay, A Very Gallant, and a Very Misunderstood Community."
The Leopard Murders Of Opobo
Spanning the Cultural Divide
Looking Each Other Between The Eyes
"Damn Me, If the Plan Didn't Work!"
Riot, The Business of Ruling

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