Gladys Story

Contributed by David Gore

SS Malda

1945 Tons. 3-masted topsail schooner with inverted C.2-cylinder engine. Dimensions: 318 x 34 x 25 feet, draft 21 feet. 58 first & second class passengers. Launched by Scott & Co., Greenock and first registered 1874. She gave long trouble free service to the British India Line for 38 years. She was initially identified with the Calcutta-Straits trade and then with the East African services. She carried troops from India to Malta at the time of the Balkan crisis of 1878, and was of course on hand to save many lives when the Vingorla sank off Bombay in 1880. The military again used her for the Egyptian expedition of 1882 and for the Burma war of 1886. In later years Malda worked from the Bay of Bengal. In 1892 she returned to Glasgow to be refitted and re-engined by A&J Inglis, and in the last days of the century ran the Calcutta-Rangoon mail services. Only twice did she suffer any damage: once in 1909 during a cyclone at the mouth of the Ganges between Calcutta and Chittagong, and finally in a minor stranding in the Cheduba Strait off Arakan (Burma) in 1911.

Gladys' Story


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by Stephen Luscombe