Robert Banks Jenkinson
Earl of Liverpool

One of Britain's longest serving Prime Ministers, he became associated with draconians laws and measures to try and keep Britain from following some of the revolutionary zeal that had occurred just across the Channel. His weak administration was boosted by the final victory over Napoleon at Waterloo. It also helped that the restricted electorate of the era was keen on keeping the rabble at bay. It was therefore no surprise when his administration presided over the Peterloo massacres of 1819 or the introduction of the 'six acts' of repressive measures aimed at radicals. There was a serious attempt to assassinate Liverpool and bring down the government with the 1820 Cato Street Conspiracy, although government provacateurs may have induced the attempt themselves. His administration soldiered on, although it did become a little more tolerant and liberal as economic stability returned after the post-war disruption and some prosperity returned to the country.

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