George IV

George IV had to become Regent from his incapacitated father in 1810. He came to the regency as Britain was waging war with France. This was to last another 5 years before culminating in victory at Waterloo in 1815. As Britain was ultimately victorious in this struggle against Revolutionary ideas against Britain's arch-foe, he felt that the British monarchy had to become more high profile and so reflect the rising relative power of Britain. He invested heavily in the Royal Family's palaces including the new palace at Buckingham. This spending on a show of Royal power actually hid the fact that the King was beholden even more to his parliament and ministers. The palaces were almost a consolation for the fact that he had so little real power and to keep him occupied and away from meddling in the affairs of State. His ministers were busy redrawing the borders of Europe and setting up the Concert of Europe but the King himself took almost no part in the process whatsoever.
George IV
1762 at St. James's Palace
1830 at Windsor
Acceded to Throne
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