Pitt the Younger

One of Britain's most illustrious leaders. He was first Prime Minister in 1783, and finally on 23rd January 1806 when he died. He was the youngest Prime Minister ever entering office at the tender age of 24. He publicly opposed the Slave Trade and encouraged William Wilberforce to bring forward his bill.

He would be forced to confront the revolutionary fervour of France in the 1790s that was to shape much of British policy for the next two decades. He was appalled when Louis XVI of Francewas executed, and allowed the country to go to war with the new French regime.

Another significant act on his part was to allow the passing of the Act of Union 1800. This merged the Kingdom of Ireland and the Kingdom of Great Britain to form the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland. However, Pitt's proposals to grant freedoms to Catholics in Britain met with an unfavourable response from Tories in general and the King in particular who asked for his resignation as a result.

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