Did You Know?

The Chairman of Cunard called on King George V to tell him about the two wonderful new superliners that his company was proposing to build. As they wished to give them royal names, it was felt that it would be courteous to obtain royal approval first. The two names they had in mind were Queen Elizabeth (after Good Queen Bess) or Queen Victoria.
The interview seemed to be going well. The King, himself an experienced man of the sea, was fascinated by the designs and asked some searching and intelligent questions. Then came the crunch point.
'What are you going to call them?' he asked.
'Well Sir,' replied the chairman, introducing the subject tactfully, 'We thought that, if you were prepared to grant us your gracious permission, we would name them after our two greatest Queens, Queen Elizabeth and, then of course.......'
'Good!', said the King, 'My wife will be delighted!'
And so, Queen Mary it was!
Myth or Fact?

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by Stephen Luscombe