The battle was fought from the safety of the fortified camp with the British soldiers standing shoulder-to-shoulder outside the wagon laager. There was a ditch dug in front of the soldiers with an earth wall. The camp was sited on a 300 foot ridge running roughly west-east, just over 1,000 yards south-east of a bend in the Inyezane where it bore off in to the northeast. West of the ridge the ground dipped and rose up 470 feet to Umisi Hill a mile and a quarter away. There were 120 wagons lashed to each other to form a square, 130 yards on each side. The ditch with earth wall was 20 yards in front of the wagons. The men in this print are identifiable as the 91st Highlanders because of their tartan trews. In the corner is a rocket troop in action, with a Gatling gun alongside. There are irregular Natal cavalrymen standing on the wagons using their carbines on the attacking Zulus.

Zulu War

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by Stephen Luscombe