Map 2 of Isandlwana 12.30pm

Lieut Raw had disturbed the Zulu Impi at some time before mid-day and the horde (black arrows) spilled out onto the plain forcing the withdrawal of E an F Coys to the bottom of the Spur. The line of defence to the north of the camp was now as follows:

16. C Coy 1/24th under Captain R Younghusband
17. F Coy 1/24th under Captain W E Mostyn
18. E Coy 1/24th under Lieut C W Cavaye
19. 5 Coy 2/3NNC and E Coy 1/1NNC plus 1st and 2nd Troops NNH
20. A Coy 1/24th under Lieut F P Porteous
21. N Battery/5th Brigade RA, 2 guns under Major S Smith
22. H Coy 1/24th under Captain G V Wardell
23. G Coy 2/24th under Lieut C D'A Pope
24. 6 Coy 1/3NNC and 4 Coy 2/3NNC
25. Newcastle Mounted Rifles
11. 9 Coy 1/3NNC (unsure of the position of this company)
15. Durnford with 2 Troops of NNH

Zulu War

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by Stephen Luscombe