Miss Wheeler Slays her Captors

There was one remarkable escape story that may have had a kernel of truth to it. As the Sati Chowra massacre took place, a Sowar rode off with one of General Wheeler's daughters slung over his saddle. It was believed (or rather hoped) that she slayed her captor before he had his wicked way with her. This is what this picture shows. However, the truth may have been that she was indeed rescued by a Sowar named Ali Khan. Some fifty years later an old lady in Cawnpore on her deathbed confessed to a Catholic Priest that she was the daughter of General Wheeler. Perhaps she had been too embarrassed or perhaps genuinely felt for the safety of her captor. Needless to say, this image shows the Victorian ideals of a lady who would choose death before dishonour.

Indian Mutiny | Cawnpore

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by Stephen Luscombe