Map of the Battle of Sobraon

The three infantry divisions were commanded by Sir Robert Dick, General Gilbert, and Sir Harry Smith. Smith's regiments included the 31st Foot, 50th, the Nasiri Battalion and two Bengal regiments (42nd and 47th). Dick's included the 10th Foot, 53rd, 80th and four Bengal regiments (33rd, 43rd, 59th and 63rd). The centre division under Gilbert contained the 9th Foot, 29th, 62nd, the Sirmoor Battalion and four Bengal Regiments (16th, 26th, 41st and 68th). The 3rd Light Dragoons were under Thackwell on the left while the 9th Lancers were held in reserve on the right. The 9th were not used but came under fire which disabled 20 horses.

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