General Mario Benjamin Menendez

General Mario Benjamin Menendez was the Argentine Military Governor of the Falkland Islands once the invasion had taken place. As governor, he did try and quash the worst excesses of over-eager soldiers like Major Dowling but also prioritised the defence of the islands over the comfort of the islanders. There was little love lost between him and the local population which saw him as the figurehead of the invading regime. His military style was to engage the British with attritional warfare from fixed defences. Given the quality of the troops at his disposal, it was a competent strategy to take. In prepared defences, the Argentinians fought well. Their main problem was receiving supplies of food and ammunition for which the deficiencies lay largely with the Argentine Navy and Air Force which were increasingly unable to supply his troops due to the British blockade. He also had a large proportion of untrained conscripts which were of doubtful reliability. It fell to him to surrender his forces to the British in June, 1982.

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by Stephen Luscombe