The Light Dragoons

Warrant Officers in 1987

In the forground is RSM Davies wearing no.1 dress almost inentical to the officers. His tunic has the all white collar and there are two gilt buttons on his cuff. His pouchbelt is the 18th Hussars officer's pattern with no central stripe, His forage cap is the lower officer style and his sword knot is gold. Just below his coat-of-ams rank badge on his forearm is a siver wire embroidered NCO's badge of the 18th, Queen Mary's monogram, which ceased to be worn after amalgamation in 1992. The other WO is a CSM wearing other rank's uniform. His tunic has white flashes and no cuff buttons. He has the higher OR forage cap. But he does have a pouchbelt, not officer style, although it sets him apart from the privates who wear a waist belt instead. He also carries a sword as do sergeants, but no gold sword knot. Behind them are the band

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by Stephen Luscombe