13th Hussars

Officers 1865

Here is a painting by Norie which shows a mounted 13th Hussar officer in full dress and an officer in stable dress soon after they converted from light dragoons. It is interesting to compare this with the Simkin watercolour painted 24 years later. The busby is taller,slimmer and tapers towards the top. The trousers are not nearly as smart as the breeches and boots. The horse furniture is very different. In the Norie painting, the full shabracque and valise are worn, with a black sheepskin edged white instead of the leopard skin. The officer in stable dress looks quite shabby compared to the later version. If we compare the early hussar with the Norie painting of a 13th Light Dragoon painted a few years earlier, we can see that, apart from the change of headgear, the sabretache makes it's re-appearance and a white throat plume has been added to the bridle.

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by Stephen Luscombe