13th Hussars

Trumpet-Major and Trumpeter c1907

This detail shows the rank badges clearly. The Trumpet-Major sits with arms folded behind the trophy shield. His four gold stripes and trumpet badge are worn on his right fore-arm. The lance-corporal trumpeter seated bottom right has a single badge incorporating his chevron and crossed trumpets with an area of white backing cloth showing between. He also has two good conduct stripes on his left fore-arm with a marksman's badge above. Just above the front of his collar can be seen a small piece of white which tells us that he has an under-shirt to soak up the perspiration.

Behind the sergeants are corporals and lance-corporals. The lance-corporal on the right has a crossed swords badge above his chevron showing that he is a physical training instructor. A similar badge was worn on the left fore-arm to show skill-at-arms proficiency in sword fencing.

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by Stephen Luscombe