13th Light Dragoons

Officer 1807

There is little difference at this period between the dress of light dragoons and hussars. The Prince Regent's influence on military uniform was making itself felt at around this time and he was very keen to introduce hussar dress into the British light cavalry. The most obvious feature is the pelisse slung over his left shoulder. It has a fur edge and is braided with black silk cord, not gold or silver like the hussars. The jacket, or dolman is blue, faced white with gold braid. Round his waist is a gold and crimson barrel sash, the cords of which come round from the back and hook onto the front allowing the gold tassle ends to fall onto his right thigh. He wears white breeches and black hessian boots with a gold tassle. The brown leather waist belt supports a sword of the 1796 pattern and a sabretache with red leather back, the front being the first pattern (see sabretaches). In his right hand is his black shako with peak. It is decorated with gold cords and flounders, gold boss and a tall white over red plume. This is in fact another portrait of de Montmorency It is painted by M. Doherty.

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by Stephen Luscombe