13th Light Dragoons

Light Dragoons 1839

Three cavalrymen with their backs to us give us an opportunity to study the uniform and accoutrements of the period. They wear the bell-topped shako that was replaced by the Albert shako two years later. The shakos are covered with a foul-weather protection oilskin. The caplines attach it to the neck. They have gilt shoulder-scales to protect them from downward sword cuts. The pouch belt for Other Ranks looks like one belt from the front but from behind can be seen to divide in two, one holds the pouch while the other has a spring clip on it to hold a carbine. The jacket, which at this time is dark blue, has white collar and cuffs and white piping following the back seams and down the back of the sleeves. They wear matching overalls with double white stripe. The plain black leather sabretache is suspended from a white leather waistbelt by only two white straps (as opposed to the officer's three). The horse is fully furnished with shabracque and valise, decorated with cotton thread and tape (as opposed to the officer's gold thread and lace).

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by Stephen Luscombe