Royal Artillery

Gunner and Officer, 1742

These figures are based on prints from the 1742 Cloathing Book. The gunner on the left holds a linstock which was a pike with two arms to hold the ends of burning fuses. The man would fill the touch-hole with powder from the horn on his right hip (I cannot believe the horn belt would go under the waistbelt) and light it from a safe distance with his linstock. He wears a blue coat with red half lapels, cuffs and turnbacks. His waistcoat and breeches are blue. He has white spatterdashes on his legs which must have required frequent washing. Black ones were also worn on campaign. For parade they wore white stockings. The officer carries a flintlock musket. His uniform differs, apart from being tailored and of fine material, in that it has blue lapels with gold buttons and gold lace. His waistcoat is red with gold lace edge and his breeches are red. His crimson sash is worn on the left shoulder, in 1747 it changed to the right shoulder and in 1770 it was ordered to be worn round the waist. He has no shoulder knot or epaulette at this stage.

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by Stephen Luscombe