Royal Artillery

Officer, 1832

This officer is wearing undress uniform. The shako, without any plume, is covered with a waterproof, oil-skin cover. The single-breasted blue frock coat is without any ornament whatsoever, in sharp contrast to the cavalry, the Foot Guards and Household Cavalry who wore frock coats wonderfully befrogged and ornamented, as do officers of the Foot Guards on certain occasions to this day.

The crimson sash has the tassels on the right side as opposed to the infantry style on the left. The undress sword belt with slings (scarcely visible) is of plain black leather. The sword has a gilt hilt, gold lace and bullion sword knot and tassel, and a steel scabbard. Note that the colourist has omitted to colour the stripes on the trousers scarlet on any of the figures. (The dress trousers for officers had gold stripes.)

The dress uniform was the same style as for infantry, but was blue with scarlet collar and cuffs. The Horse Artillery had a more elaborate costume, and in full dress retained the old-style Light Dragoon j,acket of the early 1800s, heavily laced across the breast with gold for officers (yellow for other ranks), as still worn with only minor alterations by the King's Troop today

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