Royal Artillery

RHA Officer and RA Gunners, 1861

The Horse Artillery are easily recognizable in their traditional Peninsular period Light Dragoon jacket, which remains virtually unchanged to the present day, when it may occasionally be seen in Hyde Park, London, firing a ceremonial salute. In the Artillery the collar only was red, not the cuffs. The sergeant sports an Imperial - the small, pointed beard made fashionable by Napoleon Ill.

The Foot Artillery look very handsome in the fur busby which they wore for a few years before the adoption of the cork helmet. Note that the Horse Artillery wear cap lines and have the white plume in front, whilst the Foot Artillery have no cap lines and wear the short plume on the left side. The plume socket in the Foot Artillery was shaped like a grenade, with the corps badge - the Royal arms with the modest battle honour "UBIQUE" - superimposed.

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by Stephen Luscombe