Private, 1751

The information available for this period is much better than any previously because of the paintings of David Morier who was commissioned to depict all the regiments of the British Army. This illustration is a copy by B T A Griffiths. The coat is similar to the 1742 pattern except that there are buttons only on the right side. The facings are buff, as are the rolled-up cloak and saddle housings. The shabraque has an edge of double white stripes with a dark green stripe between. Dragoon coats had no lapels whereas dragoon guards and regiments of horse had lapels to the waist. The detail in the top right corner shows the pattern on the holster covers. A pistol was kept underneath this. The carbine is carried on the right side with the butt cradled in a leather bucket and the stock attached to the saddle by a strap. The sword is the basket-hilt type which gave good protection to the hand. The tricorn hat has silver lace around the top.

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by Stephen Luscombe