Private, Light Troop, 1760

A warrant dated 14th April 1756 ordered all regiments of dragoons and dragoon guards to add a light troop to their establishments. The men were to be 5'6" to 5'8" tall and the horses 14 hands 3" and not under. The troop consisted of:

1 Captain
1 Lieutenant
1 Cornet
1 Quartermaster
2 Serjeants
3 Corporals
2 Drummers
1 Farrier
60 Privates

Their coats were similar to the other dragoons but they did not wear gauntlet gloves. The carbine belt was tanned leather instead of buff. The main difference was the cap. It is of stiff jacked black leather with a turned up peak of red with brass crown and cypher. There was a brass comb over the top and a short white horsehair plume. They were armed with a 4'3" carbine, a 17" bayonet, a pistol and a sword without the basket hilt.

These light troops were disbanded in 1763 and replaced by sections of 8 men from each troop of heavy dragoons mounted and equipped as light cavalry.

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by Stephen Luscombe