Trooper, 1937

The parade uniform of the mechanised 11th Hussars between the wars was more suited for horses than armoured cars. The cavalry was still trying to retain it's identity, so the jodhpurs and spurs are worn while the rest of the army is starting to wear battledress which remained the standard uniform for the next 20 years. The hot climate khaki uniform, here is the same as worn in India during the regiment's 1921 tour of duty. Here they are in the middle east wearing 1908 style webbing, knee length puttees and a Wolseley helmet. Of course the uniform worn in the armoured cars would have been overalls and brown beret, or in hot weather, shorts and shirt. The cavalry at this time no longer paraded with rifles. There would be little room for them in the vehicle, so pistols in open holsters were their personal weapon while a bren gun would have been attached to the armoured car. The regimental distinctions are the collar badges, the crimson top edge of the pugri on his helmet, and a white lanyard on the left shoulder. This is the uniform worn in the photo of the 11th On Parade in Cairo 1937.

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by Stephen Luscombe