Private c1763

The soldier leaning on a gun wheel is part of a painting that was at Wilton House in the 1940s along with several other paintings of the regiment by David Morier. He is a private, in the uniform chosen for the new Light Dragoons. The red coat was worn until 1784 when blue became the colour of Light Dragoon jackets. The unusual feature of this coat is the turned down plain green collar. The green lapels reach the waist and have white metal buttons with white lace loops which appear evenly spaced. The cuffs are plain green but have three buttons above them with loops. This is also on the skirt of the coat where we can see a wider space between the first and second buttons. The shoulders have white straps with a fringe at the point of the shoulder. The waistcoat is buff with silver buttons and the white linen breeches also.

The copper helmet was painted black and had a white metal crest adorned with a red horse hair plume. There is a rosette on the side of the helmet which may be because he is recruiting. The 'sash' across his chest is a tan leather belt for his carbine. There is also a tan leather pouch on the front of his waistbelt.

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by Stephen Luscombe