King's Dragoon Guards

Officer and Helmet, c1864

The Simkin painting of a whiskered officer shows how the regiment looked in full dress in the years following their return from India and China. The one error that the artist has made is the sleeve decoration. The gold Austrian knot was not used until about seven years later. The booted overalls were the result of complaints made by Crimea veterans about the impracticality of the old overalls when they became wet and muddy. The helmet is the Albert helmet and was introduced in 1847. At first, the dragoons and dragoon guards all wore similar helmets, except for the badge, all being gilt with a black plume. In 1855 it was decided to distinguish the dragoons by making their helmets of white metal, fitting them with gilt plume-holder and leaf decoration etc. The seven regiments of dragoon guards were also to have different coloured plumes, the 1st having red.

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by Stephen Luscombe