First Life Guards

Private, 1816

The uniform worn by the Life Guards at Waterloo in 1815 consisted of this short-tailed coatee, single-breasted with a high collar and shoulder straps. In full dress, buff breeches and jackboots would have been worn, but in the field, these tight overalls were used. Other ranks carried a sabretache at this time, slung on 2 slings and worn quite high up. His sword is hooked up onto the belt to keep his right hand free. The classical style helmet is the second of its type to be adopted since 1812, the first had a long horsehair mane hanging down the back in the manner of the French Dragoons and Cuirassiers. He wears a Waterloo medal and a rather pensive expression. Perhaps he is contemplating the fact that he has survived unscathed the most important land battle in Western history.

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by Stephen Luscombe