First Life Guards

Uniform of Surgeon-Captain George Hayes, c1905

The regimental surgeon in the Life Guards wears the same full dress uniform as the other officers except for the cuirass and helmet. Instead of a helmet, he wears a bicorn hat for-and-aft with black cock feathers (the veternary surgeon wears red cock feathers). His tunic has officers shoulder cords with aiguilettes. The cuffs are normally covered by the white guantlets, but are heavily embroidered in gold. Below the tunic can be seen the blue overalls with the distinctive 1st Life Guards pattern red stripes(2nd life Guards had a single broad red stripe). Next to the tunic is the officer's cloak, so named even though it has coat sleeves. It is voluminous so that it can be draped over the horse's behind. Below this is the horse furniture bearing the crown of King Edward VII, the reverse LG cypher surrounded by battle honours which at this time (c1905) include Boer War honours, and the Garter star.

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