Second Life Guards

Life Guards in Action, 1822

The artist, William Heath, produced many military prints in the 1820s, at a time when Britain was basking in afterglow of victory following the 20 year Napoleonic wars. Militarism was fashionable and uniforms reached a height of dandification. The print shows the 2nd Life Guards in action against the French seven years after Waterloo. The tall bearskin cap was introduced in 1821 for George IV's coronation. The cuirass has the gilt badge on the front. This was to disappear the following year. They wear grey cossack overalls instead of breeches and jackboots. The shabraque is rounded at the corners as was the style for the 2nd Life Guards for the next 100 years. The only embroidery is the bomb badge. This officer carries the full dress sabretache during the short period that it existed in the Life Guard regiments (1812-1827)

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by Stephen Luscombe