Second Life Guards

Officers and Men, 1844

This fine print by Henry Martens and published by Ackermann shows the 2nd Life Guards in Hyde Park with two officers leading. They are in full ceremonial dress as is evident in the shabraque and gold pouchbelt. The shabraque, covering the saddle is the round cornered version peculiar to the 2nd, with a 2 in the corner below the garter star. They wear the high collared coatee with heavy epaulettes and aiguilettes coming from the right shoulder.
For some reason, the artist has omitted to show the blue flask cord on the officers' pouchbelts but they are to be seen on the mens' belts. Another difference between the two regiments is in the officers' bridles. The browband on the 2nd Life Guards bridle is white whereas on the 1st Life Guards, it is gold metal links similar to the headpiece that goes over the top.

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by Stephen Luscombe