Sergeant-Major, Review Order 1902

This photo is from a glass negative, partially damaged by water. It was kindly sent to us by Stephen Grose for identification. At first glance the stern looking man appears to be an officer, mainly because of the gold laced belts. Other ranks wore a white leather pouch-belt but his high non-commissioned rank entitled him to the officer style belt and silver pouch.

The photo was taken in Rawalpindi or Muttra where the 4th Dragoon Guards were stationed from 1894 to 1903. In India the white tropical helmet was worn in full dress so it is surprising to see this sergeant-major wearing the brass metal helmet with white metal badge and white horsehair plume, the distinction of the 4th DG. His scarlet tunic is not like the officer's gold laced and braided version, but he does have gold cord decoration on the sleeve and around the edge of the collar, also the edges of the vents at the back of the skirt. He has regimental badges on each side of the blue collar, the star of St Patrick.

The waist-belt is also officer-style gold laced with a gilt clasp. This belt does not support the sword. That is slung from gold laced straps attached to a webbing belt worn below the tunic. His breeches are blue with a yellow stripe. The medals must include an Indian General Service, the others are difficult to identify. The badge of rank is an embroidered crown worn on the right sleeve.

This image was very kindly supplied by Stephen Grose.

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by Stephen Luscombe