Uniform 1685

Richard Cannon's history of the regiment describes the appearance of the newly raised regiment: 'The uniform and equipment of this corps, like that of the other regiments of horse, were hats, long scarlet coats, jacked leather boots, cuirasses, iron head pieces, swords, pair of pistols, and short carbines. Each corps had a distinguishing colour, then called its regimental livery, and now styled its facing, and the distinguishing colour of Shrewsbury's Cuirassiers was buff; the men had their coats lined with buff shalloon, and their waistcoats, breeches, ribands in their hats, and horse furniture, were of the same colour.' This lively illustration by Richard Simkin is based on the description, and he has given this mounted officer a silver fringed crimson waist sash indicating that he is a junior officer. The cuffs should probably be buff as well as the coat linings etc. In 1688 the facings were described as white, then in 1711 they were changed to green, the choice of their colonel, the Earl of Cadogan.

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by Stephen Luscombe