Dress Coat 1820-28

The 1820s was a period of great ostentation in cavalry uniforms. This actual example of an officer's dress coat shows the amount of gold lace displayed on the chest, cuffs and coat-tails. The 1822 Dress Regulations describe the collar as being 3.5 inches high with one button and loop of gold lace. This high collar has two buttons and loops so must be a later style. The lateral double rows of gold lace across the chest form a curving line down the outer edges, and false buttons decorate the middle so that hooks and eyes are necessary to fasten the coat. The facings are dark bluish green velvet. The long tails end with the velvet turn-backs meeting to be decorated with an embroidered star that has a light blue centre with the letter V above PCD and G below. The trousers on this display are light blue with elaborate gold lace and braid. These look like part of a French uniform and not connected to the 5th Dragoon Guards who wore green cossacks with this coat.

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by Stephen Luscombe