Unknown Officer in Review Order, 1850

This is the uniform as it was before the Crimean War. The full dress would have been left at home when they embarked for the Crimea in 1854. The coatee is waist length with short tails. The collar, cuffs and tail turnbacks are of dark green velvet. The collar is 3 inches high with rich gold embroidery. The cuff has a single decorative loop of gold which had recently replaced the more elaborate four loops mentioned in the 1846 dress regulations. The gold embroidered epaulettes were discontinued in 1856 with the adoption of the tunic. His waistbelt has a sword and full dress sabretache attached to it. This is the last appearance of the latter item (see Sabretaches). The belt is worn over a gold and crimson silk tassled sash. He holds the Albert helmet introduced in 1847 which normally had a black horsehair plume but in this case has a black cocks-feather plume.

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