Officer Mounted in Full Dress, 1860

From 1856 onwards the waist length tailed coatee was replaced by the tunic which had skirts, at first quite long, then, a year or so later, about 4 inches shorter. For the 5thDG, the facings were of green velvet. This man has a crown rank badge on his low collar showing that he is a lieutenant. His white leather gauntlets cover the gold Austrian knot on his sleeve. There is a simple twisted gold cord on his shoulder. The gold laced waistbelt has the sword and black leather sabretache hanging from slings attached to it on the left side. He wears blue leathered trousers with a gold stripe. These were replaced by tight breeches and boots in 1871. The shabraques of all the dragoon guard regiments were blue at this time, having no regard for facings colour. The device on the rear part has the geulphic crown over a circular garter with the regimental motto VESTIGIA NULLA RESTORSUM in gold letters on blue velvet. The number 5 is inside the garter and D.G below it. The valise behind him has red round ends with 5DG in gold embroidery.

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by Stephen Luscombe