Field Day Order c1880

The men walk dismounted to relieve their horses. On field days they wore their dress tunic with boots and blue breeches, and brass helmet without a plume. In 1871 the helmet was simplified, with less foliate decoration and a spike at the top which looked complete even with the plume removed. They have crossed belts on their chest consisting of the white leather pouchbelt and a white canvas strap holding the knapsack. One hand is occupied with holding the sword which would otherwise trail on the ground. This problem was partially solved in 1885 when fixed rings were placed on each side of the scabbard, and then in 1891 the sword was attached to the saddle. The saddle here is covered with black sheepskin and a red valise is strapped to the back of the saddle. Metal mess-tins are incongruously placed on top of the valise.

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by Stephen Luscombe