6th Dragoons

Troop Sergeant-Major c1880

A Troop Sergeant-Major of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons. He is TSM John Gibson and the lady is Sarah Rimer. This was sent in to our website by Graham Bennet researching his ancestry. By the look of his beard I would say that he is a lucky survivor of the Crimean War. This would seem to date it as c1860. But two things make me think again. The first is the type of pillbox cap that he is wearing. After the Crimean War the undress cap was still quite shapeless and tall. As time went on the cap developed into a more stiff type as he is wearing.

He has Crimean medals and the beard is definitely the sign of a veteren but I don't know how long they were allowed to keep the beard, perhaps for the rest of his service.

The other thing that I have found out is that the NCO's arm badge of the Inniskilling Castle was not worn ON the stripes until around 1880. Up until at least 1875 they were worn ABOVE the stripes, then again, by the late 1990s they were wearing them above the stripes.

So I would say this photo was taken around 1880. The uniform he is wearing is undress stable dress. The stable jacket is scarlet with yellow collar and cuffs. The colour yellow appeared dark in early photos. He has a yellow stripe down his trousers but that too appears dark. The rank of Troop Sergeant-Major was denoted by three stripes and a crown. They also wore an officer's style cap with gold lace round it. The lace is clearly the special Inniskilling Dragoon pattern.

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by Stephen Luscombe