Private, 1796

The uniform evolved quickly in the last half of the 18th century so that the tricorn hat became a bicorn and lost the gold lace edge. A white plume was worn which became white over red in 1799. The coat tails were tending to be pulled back more and more so that by 1796 the coat was almost non-existant below waist level at the front, and had short tails behind. The buttons were replaced by hooks and eyes and the black lapels became a plastron, but by 1897 the lapels disappeared so that the facing colours were on the collar, cuffs and turn-backs on the coat tails, There was still yellow button lace across the chest. The artist, B T A Griffiths, has made a mistake with the buff breeches and buff carbine belt; they should be white. The carbine belt had a swivel clip to hold the fire-arm, and a black leather ammunition pouch on the back which held 30 rounds. The boots were less bulky than in the mid century, and were cut out behind the knee to make it easier to bend the leg.

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by Stephen Luscombe