Private, 1829

The coatee worn by the heavy cavalry was plainer at this stage. The yellow lace across the chest was removed in 1827. There was still yellow lace on the collar and cuffs which were black cloth for other ranks, velvet for officers. The coats of other ranks had been a dull red up until 1828 but were now scarlet, and white gauntlets were adopted. The shoulders were protected by brass shoulder scales and the two part belt over the left shoulder supported the carbine and black leather ammunition pouch. This print by Hull which was published in June 1829 clearly shows the waist-belt fastened with a brass rectangular clasp decorated with a 7. This supports his straight sword and plain black leather sabretache. He has blue-grey overalls with a yellow stripe. In the next decade the trousers were changed to dark blue, in winter, white in summer. The helmet is still the same type that was introduced in around 1820, black with brass decoration and a black fur crest. This lasted until 1834.

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by Stephen Luscombe