Sergeant 1832

The excellent paintings by Alexandre-Jean Dubois Drahonet include two men of the 7th DG. This one modelled by Sergeant John Hawkins gives us a view of the sleeve decoration, as the artist has encouraged the sitter to discard his right hand gauntlet. The gold lace and embroidery on the four button loops was a distinction of his rank. Privates had yellow cloth instead. The three gold chevrons are on a backing of black cloth. His coat has black velvet facings, but the collar is well covered in gold at the front. On the shoulders are brass scales and crescents. The white belts over his shoulder support his ammunition pouch and carbine which is connected to a spring clip. The white leather waistbelt has hanging slings to hold the scabbard and plain black leather sabretache. He has dark blue trousers with a yellow stripe, worn over black ankle boots with a steel spur. His black painted helmet with brass fittings has a black bear-skin crest which the artist has exaggerated slightly to make it look taller. The sergeant holds his sword, which is the 1796 pattern heavy cavalry sword, in such a way that we can see how the white leather sword knot is looped around his wrist.

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by Stephen Luscombe