Officer's Helmet pre-1871

Front and back view of a gilt brass helmet that was worn from 1847 to 1871. It is decorated around the base of the skull, along the edges of the front and back peaks and up the back seam. The socket at the top held a black plume that could be removed for field days and campaign. In 1855 the regulations changed so that the plume was black and white, but the white was often well covered by the black horsehair. There is a rose-shaped device at the top of the plume. The chin-scales are plain and lined with black leather. A Victorian crown is placed at the top of the badge which is a silver star inside which is a garter inscribed DRAGOON.VII.GUARDS so that the VII is at the top. The VR cypher filled the middle, and the whole badge is surrounded with a wreath of olive and oak, instead of the more usual laurel and oak.

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by Stephen Luscombe