Other Ranks, Egypt 1882

The British cavalry regiments of the 1882 Egypt campaign wore red frock tunics with a black collar but red cuffs. The shoulders had yellow cords to keep the belts in place. The breeches were blue with a yellow stripe, and blue puttees covered the lower leg. The white helmets were issued for this campaign, as well as the tinted sun-goggles and blue gauze veils which were wrapped around the helmet. The white cross belts are the pouch-belt and canvas haversack. They also have a thinner strap for the water-bottle and a white ammunition pouch on the right side of the waist-belt. They are armed with swords and Martini-Henry carbines with which they are here practicing. A sergeant stands in the middle of the photo, with a large moustache and helmet pulled over his eyes. He is armed with a pistol which is in a dark holster on his waist-belt. The horses bridles have string fringes attached to their brow-bands to stop flies affecting their eyes.

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by Stephen Luscombe