Corporal with Lance c1898

The front ranks of the dragoons and dragoon guards were required to carry lances from around 1890. They were not used in the Boer War by the heavy cavalry and were more for show on parade. Leather lance buckets were attached to the stirrups to hold the base of the lance. The lance itself was 9 foot long, made of bamboo and fitted with a bayonet head held on with shellac. The pennon was red over white, the traditional lancers' flag in the British army, borrowed from the original Polish lancers and their national colours.

The Martini Henry carbine is housed in a holster behind his right leg. It was used from c1878 onwards but proved to be of little use against the Boer Mausers in South Africa, so was replaced by the Lee Enfield rifle in October 1900. The corporal is in review order with dress tunic that has a black velvet collar without badges. His chevrons are of gold lace and the shoulder straps are black, edged in yellow, and the number 7 and DG embroidered in yellow. The white leather pouch-belt has a black pouch on the back. The waist-belt had slings for the sword but the sword scabbard was strapped to the saddle.

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by Stephen Luscombe