7th Dragoons

From a painting by Morier 1751

By this time there was little difference between dragoons who were descended from mounted infantry regiments and dragoon guards who were descended from true cavalry regiments of 'Horse'. Subtle differences in the uniform were observed like the lapels that went from collar to waist in the facing colour for dragoon guards and were non-existent for dragoons. Also the broad belts worn on both shoulders in the dragoon guards, supporting a pouch on the right and a sword on the left, were not a feature in the dragoon regiments who had the pouch belt but suspended the sword from a waist belt.
The coat has white metal buttons and white loops arranged in sets of three. The regulations laid down in 1751 stipulate white breeches for the 7th, but Morier has given him red ones. The shabracque and pistol covers are white with yellow and blue stripes. The rear corner is pointed and shows the Queen's cypher in a garter.
Two other points worth mentioning are the black horse with docked tail. The only regiments that varied from this were the Scots Greys and the Queen's Bays, all the others had black. In the private's hat is a sprig of oak leaves used as a field-sign.

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by Stephen Luscombe